Creative process Blog Hop!

A few days ago, I was tagged by Janet (Swanlady Impressions) for a getting-to-know-me-and-my-creative-process Blog Hop.

I was very honoured to be invited by such a talented card-maker.

You can see here her own post about her creative process.

 This is now my turn to play along. I’ll answer some questions for you to better know me.


- What am I working on now?

Too many things… In the scrapbooking area, I have some designs drying up for my Design Teams Scrap FX and Éphéméria with brand new awesome novelties…

I also have an album about my trip to China on the go.

In other crafting areas, I am working on Lili and Brune’s Bai Jia Bei (100 vows blankets) and a quilt for our master bedroom, tons of plums to turn into jam in my kitchen, and my Japanese lessons on my bedside table to prepare my next trip to Tokyo…

Front cover from my trip to Japan's album.

Front cover from my trip to Japan's album.

- How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I don’t know for sure my work differs from others. I do what I do for pure pleasure. Of course I tend to think my work is one-of-a-kind, but when I look back at my designs, I can clearly see the moments’ trends patterns through them.

It is really hard not to be influenced by the design tendencies when we spend so much time admiring others’ work, even though we might not be doing it on purpose.

- Why do I create what I do?

I’ve always been a creative girl. I inherited my parents’ gift for crafty activities. I mostly create for my own pleasure. It is such a nice way to spend time! I’ve never been able to sit in front of a screen doing nothing.

I started Scrapbook 5 years ago, after Lili’s birth. After all those years, scrapbooking is still for me a good way to keep my hands and mind busy after hours-long working days. And in meantime, it is a nice way of keeping memories…

Layout based on one of my sketch for Jaspiration Magazine.

Layout based on one of my sketch for Jaspiration Magazine.

- How does my creative process work?

I start my creative process by taking pictures. I can’t help thinking of what I’ll be doing with it.

I then give a quick look to what material I’ll be using to keep them in mind. Being part of sketch and challenge DT, I often start with one of them.

I usually create my design around my picture, and I’m working a lot with the colours, as I like my designs to be harmonious…



Well, there it is, you know it all.


For now on it is my turn to tag some great-talented and true friends of mine…


The first one is Michelle Logan. Michelle is the Scrap FX Design Team coordinator. She’s the one who manages all the schedules, events and publications on our team. We’ll all be lost without her gift of organization and her kindness. On the top of that, she is an amazing mix-media and scrapbook artist. I am always in awe of the way she uses different materials and how she can filled a layout a way I truly can’t!


The two other gals I chose are Julie (a.k.a. Minimlescrap) and Eva. Julie and Eva are good friends of mine, and we’re all part of Jaspiration Mag Design Team.

Julie’s scrapbooking style is in the detail, and she’s overskilled with the use of stamps and inks.

Eva’s designs are just overwhelming with joy and colours, and she’s really mastering that layering I like so much.

They’re both part of prestigious Design Teams.


Have a look at these 3 talented girls, right now, and next Monday to see their own answers :)


Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day!